Sunday, August 7, 2016

Baseball Banquet and Youth Camp

Chris organized a baseball banquet for his players. It's his first year at this school and he inherited a program with few players and hardly any parent support. They won 2 games (first time winning at all in 2 years) and he had a good turnout at the banquet.

A few of the families did all of the decorations. They were so sweet. It's amazing how the right leadership can bring out parent support. 

I loved this centrepiece idea. 

Chris's baseball team was hosting a 3 day youth baseball camp. Kendall was old enough to attend.
Adley and I helped with registrations the first day.

Kendall working on her skills!

The next few days Adley and I did other things during the camp. Like visit Lowes...

Decorate the playroom...

The 2 girls at baseball camp!

TBall Awards, VBS, 8 Years, and the DANCE

Kendall was such a big girl this week going to Vacation Bible School for the first time. She loved it!

Meanwhile, we loved our one on one time with Adley while Kendall was at VBS!

Watching Elmo use the potty lol

Introducing Adley's "dance". This thing is now worn 24/7. 

Happy 8 Years babe! We were able to celebrate by shooting guns at the range and eating at a new restaurant downtown! Holla!

K's friend Joseph came over

1st swim in my parents pool this summer

Breakfast with Adley 

On the last day of VBS I packed a picnic and we went and ate at the park after we picked Kendall up. It was fun!

Cleaning in her dance

Sweet Summertime

Our neighborhood finally renovated the lake playground!

Potty Training Beginnings

The turtles are home for the summer!

Kendall started tumbling!

Krispy Kreme

We signed up for the summer reading program and went to storytime!

We got Kendall a big girl bike!

Our Biker Gang!

Chris's new camping toy!


Swimming with Laiken