Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Day and new RED jacket

First... HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY! I just want to thank everyone who is serving or has served our Country. Everytime I see a solider I tear up because of the huge sacrifice they make for people they do not even know. God Bless You!

Sooo... yesterday I was MIA! I woke up with the worst sinus headache & sore throat. So I called up my dad (who I work for) and decided to catch up on some Zzzzz's. Honestly that did the trick I woke up around lunch feeling much better.

I was obviously well enough to go to my MK meeting and I'm glad I did! My newly earned RED jacket came courtesy of the UPS truck and I wanted to sport it at my unit meeting. I looked so hot I know!!! LOL

The other MK consultants surprised me and two other new Star Team Builders with a bunch of red gifts. Yay! My mom brought me RED roses. I love MK! The sisterhood is amazing and everyone is such an encouragement. Knowing that many people support me makes me want to work harder for my business.

I forget sometimes why I started MK. It was my last semester at UofL and I was doing an internship at their HR office. It was then I decided I wanted to work for myself like my parents do. I want to be my own boss. My dad started his company out of our living room and my mom has been in MK for 10+ years. Naturally I like the lifestyle that goes with being your own boss. It's not even about the money - it's about the quality of life. The ability to make your work - work around your schedule - not the other way around. Of course driving one of these would not be so bad either!!!

Another positive - you know how I have not been weighing myself for the last few weeks - well it really works! I was scared I had gained like 10 lbs but I have MAINTAINED! 6 lbs to go to meet my Thanksgiving challenge!!!!!

Yay! I am going to post a giveaway soon!!!

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