Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$15 Dresses

Two posts in one day! Crazy! I'm sitting in bed blogging in sweat pants. I did not do my workout like I had planned. I worked on my business taxes and got a few things ready for some appointments I have this week. It's hard juggling so many hats sometimes. I have so much I should be doing and so many things I would rather do.
Now to the real reason I wanted to blog at 10:30 PM at night.... a package came in the mail... earlier in the week The Budget Babe posted about a sale at the fashion bug online. No offense but I don't ever go in that store and have always thought the clothing was kind of poor quality. However I could not pass up $15.00 dresses that are adorable.

Please ignore my crazy frizzy curly hair and bad roots. And my white skin and stomach pooch... i had a coke today... I'm so hard on myself lol. Aren't we all?
I had promised myself not to buy clothing until all my clothes were too big for me but I could not pass these up...
What do you think of my $15 dresses???


  1. Shelli,

    Okay, I totally agree with you about Fashion Bug. I would never go in there... but that purple dress is FABULOUS! I love it! It looks great.

    Thanks for the comment on my goals. :) Look forward to keeping up with your blog.


  2. Thank you! I look forward to keeping up with yours!

  3. I love the black one! very cute! yeah I am with you on the fashion bug..maybe they have gotten better over the years! Because it has been years since I have been in there!