Friday, January 22, 2010

Boolywood Booty, Lowes and Weekend Plans

I had the most fun last night doing a new workout. We have Insight OnDemand - I'm sure this is similar to other cable companies. There are 2 places (that I know of) to find free workouts under the "Free Spot" button. The first one is under Sportschool - it has some really outdated workout programs. I have tried some of them and I just can't get past the instructor. One time it was some really bulky italian guy in spandex and I really can't handle that.
The second place to find free work outs is under the Mag Rack button. Then go to Fitness & Yoga. They have more upbeat and modern workout videos. Plus they are FREE! Most of them are about thirty minutes so it's a great way to get in some cardio. I chose to do the Bollywood Booty last night. The title reeled me in and I really like the workout. I danced all throughout my high school years so I love any kind of routine workouts.
It was a very flirty video. She kept saying " make a sexy smile", "flip your hair" and "bounce your hips". My husband walked in a few times and laughed. I really liked it! There was another one called Bollywood Burn I'm going to try this weekend!
We went to Lowe's like 30 minutes before closing. We looked at different tile for backsplash and bathroom ideas. We went home and made a list of all the projects we would like to do on our house. We will probably try to do a few little projects throughout the year. My house was built in 2007 so everything is brand new - we would just like to upgrade alot of exisiting things (tile bathroom floor, switch out bath & kitchen fixtures, hardwood the living room) and add some things (crown molding in master bdrm, backsplash in kitchen, cabinets in laundry room). Like I said one day I will post the whole list!
The one on the left is what Chris likes and I like the one on the right.

I'm looking forward to this weekend! I have an MK retreat tonight and then Saturday night my husband is going to a poker night. I will have the house to myself :) I may invite the other wives to come over to my place if they want. If not, another date with my DVR & Wilson.

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