Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Weekend & Bedroom Ideas?

Wow. I'm actually blogging on the weekend! :)
Fri & Sat morning was awesome! I had an MK retreat and we had some awesome training. It really motivated me to make some things happen this week! Here is a photo of our group representing our unit. 2 of which are my recruits! Kelly & Becca!
Tara came over last night for a girl's night. I made her watch my video I made of our 1 year wedding anniversary trip! Haha It got us thinking about going on a couples trip to the beach this summer!
I have had a pretty productive Sunday. I made some "good for you" muffins for breakfast for the week. Went to the grocery, made a slideshow video and watched half of a movie. The hubby just came home! :) Yay!
So anyways I have been talking about my house alot lately, I know but I really want to spruce things up. I believe our master bedroom should be a beautifully decorated room. At first I was against having a tv in there but that did not last long - watching tv in bed is too fun! Anywho I really want something different above our bed but I am not sure what. And I have an awkward space that needs "something". So I need suggestions from you.

Closeup above our bed - I'm so over those canvas things hanging up

Room view Any ideas for closet organization? LOL - I don't share my closet with Chris - this is all me

Awkward spot I was talking about would a cute bench or piece of furniture look cute under picture?

Wilson just HAD to be in the photo!

So any ideas on how to spruce up our bedroom?

I'm going to go watch football now and make these and these. Go Colts!!!


  1. Ok so your closet is crazy!!! you need to
    1..fold the clothes on the top (I guess that's what they are .. hard to see with a small photo)
    2. get a bin or a cute basket to put on the floor on the left hand side and put maybe shoes that you normally don't wear often (I see a lot of loose ones on the floor) or some of the clothing on the top rack

    (me I keep my shoes in the boxes (if they come with them), so I can stack them up on the floor.. I put pictures on someone them to know what is in them! LOL Crazy I know. Like flip flops you can fit like 3 or 4 of them in 1 box so just put them in and take a picture from the top so you know what is in that box. I have it on the box with a paper clip then put the lid on!)

    Humm... as for the bedroom I think it's cute! The canvas prints are very cute! they look a little high on the wall but I don't know how tall your ceilings are, as well. maybe move those and up them three down where that one photo is and then put that one photo on another wall.

    That spot by your bathroom? and closet would be a cute place for stacking boxes. I think by the pictures a piece of furniture would be in the way of walking because the bathroom is right there (a Lingerie chest would be cute there)

    Hope this helps!

  2. One more thing I must add...Huggable HANGERS!!!! I have them and love them!!! they keep all your clothes lined up nicely compacts them a little more so you can get more in your closet!
    NO MORE HANGER MARKS (the shirt you wanted to wear but has a huge bump so you have to put that one back in the dirty clothes) NO MORE CLOTHES FALLING OF THE HANGERS WHEN YOU TRY TO GET THE SHIRT NEXT TO IT OFF) They come in many different colors I chose pink I got my sister cream.
    They are a little pricey (but so worth it) I got mine off of HSN or QVC not sure which one but they are only one of those websites... look for a deal package. They have bins, hanging bags I was not a fan of them when I bought a big pack for my sister. I like the traditional hangers and then they have shirt hangers you normally I think get half and half in a pack. But don't spend your money on all the special extras.

  3. lol...Britt cracks me up...she is so darn creative...good advice...i love the pictures on the shoe boxes!

    I want in on that couples retreat!

  4. Brittney - You are so coming to my house and helping me get organized. Are you free any nights this week or this weekend? I'm dead serious.

    Jacqueline - Of course! We have started doing monthly game nights you guys will have to come for the one in Feb!!!

  5. In my defense Brittney - atleast the clothes aren't on the floor! LOL