Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

I mean't to post yesterday about my weekend but I did not get around to it! I attended a MK event on Saturday. It was called January Jumpstart! It was very cold... as you can tell by my winter gear!
My hair is getting so long!
It was a great day of training and I have alot of new challenges. Two of my recruits (Rebecca & Tiffany) were present with me! We walked over to Fourth Street for lunch together!
Saturday night we were an old married couple. We must've gone to bed at like 10 pm. I had to get up early that morning and Chris did some work at my parent's house so as usual - busy and exhausted!
Sunday is my family day. Chris works Sunday at UPS during 9-2 so I go to my parent's house. We always have a big brunch so I called my dad to se if I needed to bring anything. He told me to pick up eggs, biscuits and if I wanted OJ to pick that up too. They don't buy OJ because of the sugar - but I love it!

So the reason I told you the specifics of what I got at the grocery is because I ended up walking up the mountain to get to their house with the grocery bags.
They live on the top of a hill on like 17 acres - the roads from my house to their hill were very clear Sunday morning. However my little scion got about half way up and started sliding down in Drive!!!!
I called my dad and he walked down the hill to try and move my car. We ended up parking it at the bottom and walking up (with the groceries)! The sun eventually came out and melted the snow & ice on the street so my great DAD went and got my car for me! Love him! (This is not an actual picture of my car!)

Monday - We got some great news! My husband has been in college for a very long time. He has taken some semesters off and switched majors/schools a few times. He has gone from being a junior biology major to now secondary education. He has been having some advising/class conflict problems at school and he had to appeal all the way to the chancellor of the college. Anywho - long story short - he finally got in the program so he will graduate (finally) next spring!

I was so excited I baked him a cake - I wish I had taken a picture!

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