Friday, January 8, 2010

I hired a trainer... my husband!

So... although we did not join a gym this year... we did something better!.

My hubby set up his old weight set in one of our spare bedrooms. I put my exercise ball in there too! Aside from a cardio machine we now have a home gym. A couples gym! I think this will be our new thing.

Chris is a high school baseball coach so he leads workouts with all these players every week. Why not train your wife? Although you can't spot reduce he asked me what I would like to work on - I then pointed to various problem areas on my body. We did some arm & legs, squats and lunges with weights. I'm not that sore but I can definetly feel different parts of my body that were worked today. I'm going to do some cardio tonight - I might to Cardio X from P90x - and workout with Chris tomm. afternoon.

What a perfect, convenient and budget friendly soultion! On top of that - it's something we can do together. My husband and I don't have alot of the same hobbies - except the obvious - wink!wink!
Me - shopping, reading, cooking, blogging, tv shows, movies
Chris - UK sports, sportcenter, hunting, golf

We get along great and do couple stuff together but when it comes to hobbies we go our separate ways! Working out is something we did together when we were dating. Maybe that's how I kept my figure trying to impress my (then) boyfriend. It worked!

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