Thursday, January 21, 2010

I wake up at 4pm

Okay seriously... I get like a huge wave of energy at 4pm (when I leave work for the day). I'm so ready to go home and do something fun with Chris or something more than sit at a desk in general. Yesterday I went home and cleaned my entire house. I even dusted the light fixtures and the top of the fridge... so really cleaned, right? I lit a bunch of candles too - I love making the house smell all cozy.
So the last 2 Thursday's I've been weighing in - I really should not have done it this morning. Repeat after me. Do not weigh in on monthly visit week. You just can't trust those numbers that week. I will weigh in next Thursday for a more valid number. There is 10 days left for January so I'm giving myself until Feb 4 (a Thursday which leaves me 2 weeks) to lose -5 lbs. I can do it!!! It may get strict and ugly at home but I am determined to watch those numbers move!

Tonight I'm making a Taco Ring for dinner. I had a big lunch so I will be having a simplified wheat tortilla wrap thingy but I will eat leftovers for lunch yummy!

I already have my grocery list handy and I'm just waiting for the clock to read 4:00 so I can go on my merry way!

After dinner we may ride up to Lowes. We have been thinking about all kinds of home improvement projects we would like to try. I will list them in another post sometime! I want to look at some tile ideas for a kitchen backsplash! Here is an old picture of my kitchen from when we first got married. It honestly still looks the same. I love the paint color, counter tops and cabinet finish - now I just have to find a tile backsplash to bring it all together. Any ideas?

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  1. I LOVE backsplash! I could see you doing those brown tiny submway tiles (like 3x4") - my friend did them in her kitchen and I thought it was so cute! Love hte taco ring - sweet!