Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a Woman on a Mission with a Purpose and a Vision

Thanks for your comments about my bedroom and disaster area a.k.a my closet. I really don't have time to organize it like I want to. When I was a college student who lived at home my closet was perfectly color coordinated. I think I will have to redesign the organization structure of the closet before I can get organized. I'm not really feeling the stupid wire organizer - maybe I will be all DIY and build my own this summer!

So... I was reading one of my blogs I read and I found this:

Like I know this blog is all about being healthy and fitting back into my infamous skinny jeans but if I find these in the store I cannot and WILL NOT control myself. I will give in. Muddy buddies are one of my all time favorite snacks to make at home and they come in a package now? What? Hallelujah!

I made a hair appointment and scheduled a massage this coming week for myself! I just love getting pampered! Maybe I will go get a mani/pedi sometime this week too! I'm seeing a bubble bath in my future too.... :)

I don't usually do all these pampering things at one time. Too much $$$! Sometimes I treat myself by purchasing something for myself or lay in bed and read a book. You can get real creative on a tight budget when you want to pamper yourself! The important thing is to make time for YOU!

What do you like to do to pamper yourself that doesn't cost alot of money?


  1. How fun that you get to get pampered this week! I've never had a professional massage, can you believe it??
    I don't really do anything to pamper life is pretty laid back so I rarely get the urge to do something like that! Every once in a while (esp in the summer) I'll get a pedicure though!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you get pg soon!!

  2. Thank you! You should definetly get a massage soon I'm sure your prego back would thank you!

  3. hey if you go get a mani or pedi this week let me know! My friend Brittney gave me a gift certificate for one by my house!

  4. oh my gosh...and we should go try to find muddy buddies together...oh my goodness...I LOVE those things! THere is nothing wrong with enjoying something 'bad' every now and then!