Monday, January 18, 2010


Per my last post... I had a very busy weekend! I spent Friday evening at my parent's spending time with the family. I just love being with my parents and siblings! We have so much fun! Saturday I had to go into the office for a bit and then I had an MK appointment. Sat. evening was a blast!!! We went across the bridge (Indiana) to the Montgomery's for a game night with them, my brother and the Simmons. We played Cranium! OMG! That was such a funny game! We played girls vs. guys. It got ugly. The guys won twice - might I add that they had a fourth team member and got alot of bunny questions.

Sunday was my usual breakfast at the parents. I watched a movie in their home theater with my sister . Julie & Julia was such a cute movie! I looked up the blog in the movie online today for fun. It was all real! If you like to cook or blog you should watch this one!!!
I was feeling kind of blah last night so Chris and I had ice cream for dinner. I know - BAD!!! We watched the movie All About Steve. Cute movie - kind of silly but I love Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper is sooo hot!

Tonight my mom is having a pampered chef party. I really don't need anything but it's fun to go make food and learn new recipes. I always buy their seasonal cookbook. They come out with a new one and it's $1.00 and it usually has some easy recipes to make!!
I need some inspiration for cooking this week. It seems like all that's in my fridge is Laura's Lean Beef and chicken tenderloins. Boring.... Also my pantry cabinet is all kinds of rice and things... I need to get creative!
I don't have alot planned for this week. I have a mtg Tues night and Fri & Sat I am going on a retreat. I really really need to get everything organized for my business taxes. We are waiting on a few W-2's so in the mean time I need to get my MK stuff together!!!

P.S. I also changed my banner this morning - you like?

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