Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Domestic Diva

Last night I got so much accomplished around the house. I folded our mountain of laundry that had been waiting so patiently to be fold and I cooked muffins for the week, a new recipe for dinner and this awesome snack. I took pictures but I forgot my camera cord so look forward to seeing recipes and photos very soon.

Did I mention we received our tax refund in the bank? It is so nice to see my account balance so high. :) I wish it was like that every week. We have been researching tire prices for our vehicles and thank goodness we have the hook up. Chris's father is a parts manager at a dealership. I already put a good chunk on my credit card and I will being paying the balance in full very soon! So exciting! We will still have debt but having no credit card debt is such a breath of fresh air.

It has been so hard not shopping for clothes since I made the decision not to unless I am my ideal size. They have such cute spring pieces flooding the stores. There is nothing as beautiful as new clothes at the beginning of a new season!!!

It's almost March! February flew by and I'm glad. I could care less if I don't remember Jan-March. I despise winter after Christmas. It's not so bad when you're in the Christmas spirit but after Dec. 25th this girl is ready for spring!

Plus the best part is taking all your sweaters and blah fall/winter clothes and trading it with your spring/summer wardrobe! My closet is just not as colorful right now as it will be in a few months!

Not a lot of substance today! I had planned on talking about my cooking last night - I will try and remember my camera cord. Have a blessed day!

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  1. I'm ready for spring too!

    woo hoo - tax refunds are awesome!! I won't get mine until March!