Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello February - January Review and Valentine's Day Ideas

I love this month! Everything is pink for Valentine's Day! I lit a pink "sweet nothings" candle at my desk at work this morning. :)
I had a wonderful snowed in weekend. Friday I had an MK party that was an amazing success! Saturday the hubs and I did not leave the house. It was fun watching Wilson play in the snow. We got a good 6 inches so we had a nice romantic day in! We watched a few movies and I made rice krispie treats. Bad idea! They were all gone by Sunday after noon! Sunday I had my usual breakfast at the parents and ran a few errands. I watched the grammy's last night and called it a night.

January in Review :
January Goals
- Track what I eat using sparkpeople For the most part Yes
- Read 2 books Not even close - still reading Eat, Pray, Love
- Reach mini goal weight (-5 lbs) - reached -2.2 lbs
- Get tax stuff ready to file Yes!

February Goals
- Finish Eat, Pray, Love & read another book
- Keep tracking on sparkpeople
- Reach mini goal weight (-8.8 lbs)
- Pay off credit card with tax return (if we get one!)
- Save $$$ for backsplash project

Chris asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day and to his surprise I told him I wanted to go to White Castle. You see I'm not really into celebrating Valentine's Day. Yes I expect flowers and a card and for my husband to acknowledge Valentine's day but I think you should act all romantic and go on dates all the time not just celebrate one one particular day. Anywh0 I had always heard of people going to White Castle - they apparently thow down some paper tablecloths, print menus, put candles & flowers on the table and you have to get reservations!!! LOL I will take pictures!

Aren't these cute? I just bought them for a steal!!


  1. Loooove the shoes! And I love the idea of the monthly goals. I'm stealing your idea and putting it into action for Feb. Keep on keepin' on! :)

  2. I like your goals. I am already looking forward to our tax refund too.

  3. I told Jon that I want to do the whole White Castle thing too! Thought it sounded fun and different!---your cousin blog makes us laugh! :)