Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day Recap - if you don't like when people talk about their dogs don't read! (Picture Heavy)

This is how I have felt today:
Verdict: It's been awesome and relaxing just like I promised myself!

8 inches!!!

Now let's talk about my dog Wilson! He loves the snow!!!

I tried to upload a video I took of Wilson playing fetch with snowballs but either our internet is too slow or it just takes forever - I'm too impatient!

Work in Progress!
Our faceless snowman! Laying in the snow. I'm not really sure how this happens. I guess from all the lounging in the snow. Shelli to the rescue! The hairdryer didn't help a whole lot so we ended up sticking him in the tub!


  1. Cute pictures! Looks like a fun snowday :)

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like lots of fun. =)

  3. Very cute pics! I couldn't tell you the last time I made a snowman - love it!