Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Blogging from my living room couch in my pajamas has got to make the top of my list. Having chocolate chip ready bake cookie dough on hand when you clearly cannot drive to the store makes the top too!
This is why I stay working for my dad because he told me on the phone " you don't need to drive on the roads today!" I love my DAD!
Now I'm patiently waiting for my hubby to get up so we can build a snow man with Wilson. I promised a picture of my new hairstyle but it's not happening today. It's a ponytail and no makeup day!
I watched a horrible movie last night. It wasn't that terrible it just did not leave me with anything and I wanted all the stores to come together. I may work out today, I may not. I am maintaining my weight this week which was a real shocker because of all I ate this past weekend. It got me thinking maybe I'm not eating that many calories on a daily basis. Does that make sense?
Well I've got to finish watching Big Love and make some lunch! Have a great day - hopefully you warmly snowed in like me!!!!

1 comment:

  1. oooh thanks for the reminder - has the new season of Big Love started? Glad you got to WFH!!