Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Weigh Day & January Expenses

Thursday is not going to be a "weigh" day today. I have done bad this week! Instead of focusing on that I'm going to make February my b**ch. Sorry for the foul language but I mean it - I'm really going to push myself.
I just highlighted all the possible evenings I can work out for the month of February in my day planner. My hope is by March I will start seeing fantastic results so I will be motivated to wake up and workout 30 minutes Mon-Fri before I get ready for work. I have yet to pull myself out of bed thus far.
I cannot have a Skinny Jeans blog if I don't ever fit into my skinny jeans!!!

January Monthly Expenses
Sorry it took a few days but as promised here are my monthly expenses for January 2010.
Things we did not need: $80.15
Eating Out (Together & Separate): $201.40
Groceries: $327.27
Necessities (haircuts, dog, home/school supplies): $342.88
Gas: $418.8
Pathetic! Now I get to explain...
Things we did not need - I can handle this amount.
Eating out - Awful! That's $200 that is not necessary and could've been an extra credit card payment! However we deserve to eat out sometimes! The problem about this is we only ate out together like twice - the rest of the purchases were us eating out individually!!!
Groceries - This is kind of high - there is only 2 of us and we ate out a lot this month! I am going to start clipping & organizing coupons this weekend! I can save so much more!
Necessities - This is high because we bought like $300 worth of books for Chris's school!
Gas - I never dreamed we spent this much on gas in one month! Chris goes to school 45 minutes from our house and I have a good 30 minute commute both ways. That's how you spent $400+ on gas!! Scary!

4 Days into February
Things we do not need - $25.85
Eating out - $2.96
Groceries - $73.49
Necessities - $57.27
Gas - $0


  1. Nice job! I've never thought to look at the month ahead as a whole and figure out which days I can work out - smart!

  2. We use to eat out 2 dinners a week and now we eat out only 1. I now cook a big supper on Saturday nights. I spend more on groceries but less on eating out.

    Good job at looking at your expenses. Once you see it you can make changes.