Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching up with Friends

Yesterday after work I met my friend Jacqueline to do a little bit of shopping. I bought this cute little spring jacket from Old Navy that I can't find a picture on their website to show you! I also bought a scarf... I have a thing for scarves and I have way too many!
After that I met up with my cousin Rebecca & her husband for dinner and checked out the adorable home they are renting! It was so cute!
Then I conquered a mountain of laundry!!! Am I the only person who waits until they are out of hamper space before they fold the laundry?
I used to love folding laundry (weird right?) just like I used to love filing papers. I'm horrible about filing papers at work! I wait until I have a stack!

It's rainy today so my plans to go watch Chris's baseball team tonight will not be happening. Their season started Tuesday so he will be busy for the next 2 months!
On a good note - I will have him all to myself tonight! :) Probably won't get into much considering I'm fighting to stay awake at work! I do have to pack tonight - which I seriously almost forgot about!
I'm leaving for Lexington with my awesome recruits around 3pm tomorrow for a 2 day Career Conference. I will have to try some outfits out to wear. I wish I had some really cute flats - I don't know about wearing heels all weekend!

Talk to you soon! Have a great Thursday night!!

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  1. Shelli,

    I hope you're having a great time at Career Conference. I was a MK girl years ago & Career Conference was always so much fun... I miss those days.

    I nominated you for the Stiletto Award on my blog tonight. You totally deserve it! :)