Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is in Louisville, KY today! I just want to be outside! I met my mom for lunch and drove with the my sunroof open all the way back to work! It's hard not to smile when it's so pretty outside.

In honor of the beautiful spring weather - I present to you my favorite things & things I want this Spring:
1. I love getting pedicures this time of year. Flip flops can sure beat up your feet. Right now my perfectly painted toes are rocking "LaPaz-itively Hot" nail polish by OPI.

2. Big Sunglasses - I bought 3 pairs around Christmas from Charlotte Russe for 99 cents a pop - this way when I break them or lose them I'm covered!

3. A new Dryer :(

Our dryer stopped working last night - I'd like to get this situation resolved. I would love, love, love to upgrade to these

however our budget right now doen not care if they match - we just need it to dry clothes!

4. New Bras (sorry for the TMI - I'm pregnant get used to that on TMI on this blog)

I'm going to fix this situation after work. I seriously look like I got implants over the weekend. Oh the joy of pregnancy! :)

5. Flowers - Aren't flowers so pretty in the spring? These are the flowers from my wedding! I love hydrangeas and peonies!!!

What is your list of must haves & wants for SPRING???

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  1. For Spring (and Summer), I want my flowerbeds filled with pretty flowers & new patio furniture for the backyard. Oh and pedicures are a MUST! :)