Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green? If not, I just pinched you!

I don't really do anything to celebrate this day. Maybe I will do something fun when I have a little munchkin at home? Clearly there will be no green beer for me today... I don't drink anyway but I'm just saying!
So I have not really touched on a lot of topics that I formed this blog around lately because of my big news. But I think at anytime in your life regardless of what life events are surrounding you - you can live a healthier life, SHOP and save money!
Over the next 7 months - money - will play a big role in my life. We are working monthly to save and pay off some small debts in preparation to purchase a new family vehicle and prepare for the costs of having a baby!
You may remember (if you've followed my blog for a while) that I attempted a yard sale back in October. Read here if you're interested.
Well I had been planning on having another one sometime this spring anyway but then I read today's guest blog entry at Get Rich Slowly.
I am planning to have our yard sale sometime in April. That will give me enough time to prepare and get things together.
I know I will fit in my clothes once again after baby but there are some items of clothing that I just think I won't wear when I have a new role as MOM. So I plan on going through my entire, ridiculously large wardrobe of many clothes I don't even wear. Plus we have 2 spare bedrooms (one of which will be the nursery) to go through all the crap we have accumulated in 1.5+ years of marriage.
Hopefully some good spring weather will come my way sometime in late April/Early May and I can make some $$$ for the nursery fund!
Regardless if I make $$$ or not - we have got to get rid of some things.

Doesn't it feel so good to get rid of stuff? I mean we think we need all this stuff but we don't. I hate to be wasteful but I have no problem throwing stuff away. I try to think about what I would save from my house if it was burning and there are only a few things I would want.

Chris (husband) and Wilson (furbaby).

And maybe our wedding pictures - but even those I could get copies from the photographer. Anything can be replaced.

What would you save from your house if it was burning down?

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  1. Carl, both dogs, wedding album, & important paperwork if possible.

    Gotta love spring cleaning! I know I do.

    --I should note the wedding album would be impossible to get in an emergency b/c its buried in a cabinet. Shows how important that is. :/