Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness Baby!!

Hello March!
One month closer to spring! I'm getting so excited about spring. My favorite part about spring is SPRING CLOTHES! I love going shopping this time of year because all the happy colors are out!

I purchased these two tops this weekend from Old Navy! Aren't they cute????

I know I'm not supposed to be shopping until I am a smaller size and my credit card is paid in full but everyone needs a reward!!!! All work and no play makes Shelli sad! :( Plus these are medium sizes and I have always worn a medium size up top! It's the pant size I'd like to change!!

It's still freaking cold outside but I'm going to start walking today. It is part of my new March goals - to walk around the neighborhood everyday. If for some reason weather does not permit this activity I will just double up on some days. Walking is very effective and relaxing plus Wilson the pup likes it too!!!

Have you made any March goals?


  1. Hey, love the tops too cute!! Buying yourself something every once in a while helps keep you on track, at least I think! Work, reward, work, reward and repeat the cycle!!

  2. Adorable shirts! I splurged this weekend to reward myself too. It felt nice.

  3. VERY cute! All work and no play makes Kelly sad too! I need to get my March goals together ASAP!

  4. Cute tops! I got some great deals at Old Navy over the weekend too!

    My March goal is to get to the gym for at least 60 minutes, 5 days per week. :-)