Friday, March 12, 2010

March and Basketball

March = Basketball.
I'm not a huge sport fans but I enjoy the events known as March Madness. I love filling out a bracket and PRAYING it does better than my sport fanatic husband's bracket.

Speaking of my sports fanatic husband - he works Sunday during the day and he has requested off for Selection Sunday. That is just extreme, right?

I'm not trying to be pessimistic but my team and alma mater (University of Louisville - Cardinals) aren't looking so good. :( My sports fanatic husband is a huge, obnoxious University of Kentucky Wildcats fan. I don't think a Christian woman like myself should ever wish bad on another human being or sports team but I would smile inside if for some reason all of UK's players forgot how to play basketball this month.

Anyways... I will try and post my awesome bracket Sunday or Monday. Now onto the important weekend plans.
Tonight = Clean house
Saturday = Picking up the sister for lunch, grocery and then we are hosting our monthly Game Night at my house

I'm making a Taco bar with a bunch of fun things including queso because I love my cheese! I thought that would be fun for a party of like 8-10 ish. We usually play board games and I'm hoping some of the others bring some because we have 4 games at the Ryan household.
1. Scattegories (fun game... but could lead to many arguments with this crowd)
2. Catch Phrase (fun game but kind of boring after awhile)
3. Twister (Twister & Tacos don't mix)
4. As my husband put it last night " We could all play Basketball outside..." (Not going to happen)

Sunday - working on taxes most likely at work (down side to working for parents but I love it)

Busy weekend but it will be a lot better than last weekend!

What are your plans?
Do you like having game night?
What are some good board games Chris and I should add to our collection??


  1. Oh man, I can't STAND basketball. I love football and other sports, but for some reason watching basketball kills me. Maybe I will take up your idea and do a bracket, than I would be a bit more into it!

  2. My husband takes time off of work for the NFL draft. And, he raced home from work asap every day during the scouting combine. Extreme for sure, lol.

    You could go old school & get Pictionary. We do our own version of it, with an oversized drawing board... it gets WILD!

    Weekend plans, lunch & shopping with my best friend tomorrow. Sunday is food prep day for the week.

    Taco bar for game night sounds perfect. Have a good time! :)

  3. Sounds fun!!! We like to play Catch Phrase, always fun!! I have a girls night planned and Michael Buble in concert Sunday night!!! YAHOO!! Have a great weekend!!