Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thrifty Tip Tuesday

I've decided to join in on Jamie's

Thirfty Tip Tuesday!!!
You can check it out here.
My Thrifty tip:
Meal Plan each week and include snacks

Meal Planning saves you time and money. You can purchase what you need at the store (using coupons of course) or base your meals off what you already have in the freezer/pantry.

I know you can't completley meal plan for snacks but there are small changes you can make to cut down on stops at Walgreens & various gas stations when you what something to drink or you are craving something salty/sweet.

My husband like Gatorades. They run about $2.00 at a gas station. Yesterday I bought 5 for $5.00 at Kroger (plus I had a $1/5 gatorades) coupon. Instead of spending $10 for his weekly gatorades we only spent $4.

I also try to buy things I can divide in sandwich bags as quick snacks for when we are running out the door. This prevents me from stopping at a gas station for a quick fix when I'd probably spend way too much money and get something really unhealthy for me!


  1. This is soooo true. I think our grocery spending goes down by at least 25-30% when I take the time to meal plan, especially if I base the meals around what's on sale & the coupons I have.

  2. Meal planning is a definite $$ saver! I usually get together a menu plan based on items that we have in our pantry. This keeps me from back and forth to the store and saves us money! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Tip Tuesday!!