Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You guys are so sweet!

Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I just wanted to cry reading your comments yesterday! I assure you if we lived close we would be friends in real life. Yay!
So pregnancy... since I have secretly known I was prego for 4 weeks I thought I'd share our story today of how this came to be... not the "how it happened part" keep your mind out of the gutter! (Long post!!! Grab a cup of coffee ha ha)
Long before Chris and I got married on 6/14/2008 we knew we wanted to have kids and have them kind of young. We both had young parents (my mom was 23 when she had me! My dad 28!) and liked the idea of being able to keep up with our babies. I'm not saying anything against older parents I just don't want to be 60 at my kid's high school graduation. Sure it adds a little less security to the mix because we are young. We are not established in careers. We do well financially but if we waited 5 years we would be doing even better! But the truth is you can't wait for timing and money to be perfect because it never will be.

So the baby bug for me started like as soon as I got home from our honeymoon! Ha! But I kept thinking we should be married at least 2 years.
October of 2009 we decided I should get off birth control. I went to the lady doctor for my annual visit and spoke with my Doctor about what I needed to do and how long the pill will stay in my system. She said to start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as we stopped using protection and it would take 3-4 months for my body to bounce back from birth control but it could happen right away.
Let me just say without getting to intimate here - getting off the birth control pill blows. It was like middle school periods all over again and you know what I'm talking about! Plus my face started getting a little more acne - ugh! I was missing the pill for sure!
I was so convinced it would happen the first month and it didn't so of course I start reading and worrying. I knew deep down I did not have any fertility issues but I have a whole new understanding for anyone who struggles with conceiving. The month it happened I tried to relax and pray more and really trust that it was God's timing and not my own.

On Valentine's day ( like 3 days before my expected period) I woke up and took a pregnancy test and it was blaring NEGATIVE. I went back to bed and cried with my husband. He told me 2 things:
1. You should not have tested until you miss a period
2. If it's only me, you and Wilson forever that's enough for me (that made me cry more)
The following Monday and Tuesday I just new Aunt Flo was coming because I had all the same signs I get every month. However I am never late. Wednesday night Chris and I kept going back and fourth on whether to purchase a test. He kept saying we should wait until Friday just in case I started because he didn't want me to get upset with another negative test. So we went to Walgreen's and bought a test!
It was positive right away! I was like "Chris come in here!!!" and he just smiled and said " I told you you were pregnant!" I told him we had to go get a different kind of test to confirm it!! So we went to Rite Aid because I was too embarrass to go back in Walgreen's for another pregnancy test. That one read PREGNANT!!! (We took pictures with the tests - I will have to get those up here!) I wanted to call my parents right away but we waited until the next day! It has been so much fun telling family and sharing our news!
So I am a pregnant woman! Which means I'm kind of crazy these days! In fact I have another list (I love lists) of all things pregnancy!
1. Boobs - They hurt and they are huge! :) If you ever are considering breast augmentation and want to know how you will look bigger - get knocked up!
2. Sleep - I'm averaging 10 hours a night. I'm so exhausted all the time! Some days I'm not as much but usually I'm sitting at work fighting a nap.
3. Nausea - (knock on wood) this has not been that bad for me. I got a sick a few weekends ago with the stomach bug and I was so worried that was morning sickness. I get occassional spells of nausea through out the day but I have been pretty blessed so far!
4. I'm so hungry - I have not gained - I'm maintaing within a few pounds like I always do. I had a full bladder, had just had lunch and had all my clothes and shoes on when they weighed me at the office and it was 6 lbs heavier than what I weighed yesterday morning. It was one of those manual ones who knows.
5. I don't care if I gain. For the first time in my self conscious life it does not matter if I gain weight. I'm happy to know I can eat and be happy and not worry about this until after the baby comes - then I'm banking on breastfeeding to get me into a size 6! Just kidding!
6. I'm pretty emotional these days. Sunday I went into work a few hours and I almost cried leaving my husband. I can cry over anything! Also don't mess with me - prego rage is for real!

I have so much more to talk about but I have plenty of time to share. I'm just so happy! I embrace everything! Thank you all again for your sweet comments! I'm glad I get to share this journey with readers like you!!!



  1. Holy cow girl!! We are almost due exactly the same to the day. Craziness. I am so glad you commented on my blog. I am totally excited for you and this adventure. Oh....and the hunger. I am hungry right now and just trying to wait a little longer. For this baby being the size of a kidney bean, it sure takes a lot out of you!

    I look forward to reading your blog entries!

  2. Congrats again Shelli!
    You know one of my favorite memories of you...
    One day, I think Liz and I were in my car, and we dropped you off and you walked into your house like Elle Woods (I'm hoping I don't have to explain who that is!). Anyway, you were all but bending and snapping! I think Liz said something to the effect of, "She wants to be like Elle Woods" and we both starting laughing. It was dead on. I had to tell you that to tell you that I can picture you know, as the cute and hip momma you are meant to be. You will be a great one.

    **I still plan on coming to you soon for a makeup consult-I haven't forgotten!**

  3. How exciting for you guys! What an awesome story... thanks for sharing!