Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Oaks Day!

Today in Louisville, KY... no one is working and the kids are not in school. It's the day before the Kentucky Derby... Oaks Day! I'm at work but that's okay I don't really get into all this derby stuff anyway. However if I was at the track today I would not be wearing a hat that blocked my peripheral vision.

I would wear something cute like this:

But I'm not there. I'm at work snacking on these babies

A few years back our company was invited to go to the races during the week of Derby. It was neat to watch the races and I beat on a few horses. I could see where it could be fun but like I said I don't get into it. I'm no PETA or animal activist but I hate how the horses don't get money or prizes and they do all the work. :( I mean I'm sure they get a stall upgrade but if I just ran my butt off and beat everyone I'd have a list of requests for my winning.
1. A huge icecream sundae
2. A pimp racing stall with a full body massage waiting for me
3. A cover article in people magazine.
Just saying!
Anywho last night I went walking for like the first time in forever with my prego buddy Heather. It was nice to get out. I didn't realize I'd get hot so quick, have to pee so soon and get so thirsty! We took a break at my house half way through our walk and then headed to her house. They just put up their crib (they are having a little girl) - I can't wait to find out what we're having and start working on the nursery!!!
Back to work I must go!! Happy Oaks Day!

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