Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello World. My name is Shelli and I'm a horrible blogger!!!
I won't even begin to update you on the last week because I don't want to think that hard. :)
Easter was great. I went on an impromptu roadtrip with my Mom and sister to Nashville again until Wednesday. Now I'm at work and it's almost the weekend!

In about 2 hours I'm picking up Wilson from the groomers and he is headed to his first doggie birthday party. It's for my family's dogs - they are sister austrailian shepherd/german shepherd mixes they adopted last July. They are so cute and it's their 1st birthday! I'm pretty sure Wilson is the only one coming. Now if he only had a tie to wear!

I have an uneventful weekend planned which is exactly what I want. To relax in my house with no plans! Sunday night we have a Wive's Night Out planned to go to dinner & a play!
Honestly I usually live for the weekends and want them to last forever but I'm really excited about Monday and Tuesday. Want to know why????
Monday : 12 week Baby Appt!!! I hope we get to HEAR the heartbeat and we have another ultrasound! Yay!
Tuesday: GLEE comes back on - ARE any of you all GLEE fans? I just love that show!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Good to have an update. All I can say is.. GLEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am giddy already! Only a few more days...