Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Derby Time!

So like I mentioned a few posts ago... if you live in Louisville, KY things are pretty exciting right now. We are half way through the Derby Festival. The Derby is Saturday.

This past Saturday was the Derby Mini Marathon. I am no runner but I wanted you all to check out a program I thought was really awesome.

I have mentioned before that my sister has Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and she is a patient at Kosairs. Well she got to be a part of the Medals4Mettle program. Basically a young med school student ran the mini marathon in her honor. She met her last week and she ran this past Saturday. Then yesterday (Sunday) the runner gave Amanda (my sister) her medal. How awesome is that? There were 49 other cancer kiddos that got medals too from their runners. It just makes me so happy to think someone would do that to make a kid's day. You all should definitly check out their website.
You can check out my sister's caringbridge too - she loves comments and you can tell her I sent you!!

Medals 4 Mettle
Amanda's Caringbridge

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