Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Appliances & Movie

Greetings! In an effort to blog more... I have decided I need to add more pictures. I love reading blogs with pictures so my blogs should incorporate them!

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about our clothes dryer biting the dust? Well here are our new beauties!

You know you're a married woman / expectant mommy when a new washer and dryer make you smile!!!
And the greatest thing about them is they are so quiet! During the first load I kept making sure they were still running. My old ones were just noisy!
I had fun catching up on laundry on Saturday but that quickly changed back into prego laziness by Sunday! I need to make my laundry room more of a happier place to be... it is small so we can't do much but I know we'd like to eventually install some cabinets above to add more storage!

How do you make your laundry room a more cozy room?

I went and saw the movie The Back Up Plan with my prego buddy Tara. It was so cute! I mean of course it was cheesy, predictable and not academy award worthy but it was perfect for 2 pregos to watch. Or anyone to watch if you just want a good chick flick. Plus I love me some Jennifer Lopez and she has not done alot of movies recently (she had twins and competed in a triathalon) so I had to support her!

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