Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Pages & I got my hair did

First things first.... look at the top of the blog under the title and you will notice I've added some pages! I wrote the "Our Love Story" one yesterday. I may work on the "Our Wedding" one this weekend. That one will be so much fun and I want to include all kinds of goodies for that one! I started the "Our Baby story" one but of course that will be a work in progress over the next 6 months!
Please read and feel free to comment I had so much fun sharing our story!

Today just feels like Friday and I really wish it was Friday! I don't really have big plans for the weekend, in fact, it's supposed to be a monsoon this weekend for the Kentucky Derby. I just love not going to work and having my day free to myself.

Chris will be studying for his huge, ugly Genetics final and I may catch up on some housework (probably not) and rent some movies or something. My parents are going out of town for their anniversary so I may go check on my siblings a bit this weekend too!

I got my hair cut and colored. My stylist texturized and thinned out my mane. I feel like I have no hair! I mean I feel like I have normal people hair - not crazy natural curl lion mane thick hair!

Here's a horible picture of my new hair and gross large prego boobs I took just for you all!

My iphone has such poor quality pictures! This is one thing I need to upgrade! I keep waiting until they come out with a 4g or something but I'm not a techno so I don't even know if that's in the works.

Do you like the hair cut?

I feel like I'm myself again with my blonde highlights. My hair has never not been blonde but I got lowlights put in right before I found out I was pregnant. I did not want to have 6 week roots if I was going to have to wait until the 2nd trimester, you know?

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  1. Love the hair! I also love you stories! You look really cute in your belly picture! Are you waiting to tell the name until you find out the sex, or keeping it until the end? I can't wait!