Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prayer Request & Going Green... or flippin' crazy?

Happy Hump Day! I have a prayer request this morning. My cousins Liz, Adam and Aaron's father had a heart attack last week while out of town. He was released Saturday to go home and is back in the hospital again at home. Please join me in lifting up their family in prayer as they go through this tough time. I pray that Steve is healed soon and able to recover and go home soon! Steve has served our country for years and is a great father/grandfather. Get well soon!
Going Green... or flippin' crazy???
Okay I'm all for going green with some things... like using my own reusable grocery bags, recycling, paying my bills online etc... I even think it's great when people stop using paper towels and use cloth dish rags or those that dare use cloth diapers. Way to go on reducing waste...
However this is where I draw the line. A friend of mine who I will not name is a very big GREEN person (kudos for her efforts) - in fact she shares all her green efforts through her facebook statuses. Just the other day she shared how she is going to start using REUSABLE TOILET PAPER!!!!! OMG! That is waaaay too much information and quite frankly way unsanitary.
I had never heard about this before but apparently it's nothing new in the green blogging world.
If you go to the link (which was copyrighted so I could not drag it on this post) you can see the stack of reusable cloth toilet paper sitting on the back of the toilet and the "wet" bag hanging where normal paper toilet paper hangs for your convenience to dispose your used cloth toilet paper. Gross.
Am I just weirdly clean or is this insane???


  1. Gross!

    So sorry to hear about the heart attack - i'm sending positive thoughts!

  2. Gross! You have to wash other peoples feces off and how often? Would you leave the wet ones in there for a couple of hours??

    Sorry to hear about Liz's dad. Praying for the family.