Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take me to Kohls!

Complaint of the day:

So there is this blog I follow and the girl is about 20 weeks pregnant. She just found out she is having a boy and she stole my baby name! Okay she didn't steal it but I hate that the boy name I have loved since before I got married is becoming so popular!!! Even if this baby is a little girl I seriously think we will use that boy name when we have one! For confidentiality purposes I cannot mention the name... hahaha. I'm seriously not mad at this said blogger who does not know me... in fact she just has good taste!

Yesterday after work I had one of those errand days where I return everything I have bought recently because it was an impulse purchase and I didn't need it. I'm quite proud of myself for keeping receipts!

Afterwards I headed to Kohls because there are having a huge sale and my regular jeans no longer zip up. I walked in with a $5 off purchase coupon they emailed me because I signed up for emails, a 15% off entire purchase coupon and $20 in Kohls cash.

I scored a $40 pair of maternity jeans marked down to $20 for $0.00!!!

Yes you read that right! I got a free pair of pants. The lady used my 15% off coupon and my Kohls cash so I received $4.00 in Kohls cash back and a free pair of jeans.

Then I got a maternity top for $4.87 because it was marked down to like $10.** and she scanned my 15% coupon and my $5 off coupon!

An entire outfit for $4.87 people! I flippin love Kohls! On top of that I got a $10 off coupon from her because they are running a remodeling special sometime next week! Woohoo!!!

Do you Kohls? As soon as I find out what this baby is - you can count on my using my coupon tactics to buy baby stuff!!!!

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  1. I got a bunch of really cute tops at Kohl's! They're all short-sleeved, so I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear them.
    Don't worry about the name - just choose what you love.