Friday, May 14, 2010

Children's Books

Kelly's Show Us Your Life is about children/kid's books this week. I have not participated in this before but this one was a MUST! I just loved books growing up. I am so excited to start my future kiddo's book collection. There will be tons of the books I loved as a wee one in that collection.
Here were some of my favorites that I can remember!

Amelia Bedelia was always getting into crazy situations and I just loved when my mom read her books to me!
Little Golden Books - We had like 50 of these around the house and I just loved them! My favorite of course was Cinderella! :)
Precious Moments - I still have my first bible which was obviously Precious Moments! I loved it because it had pictures ;0) I had a few figurines also.
I saw an anthology of Madeline books at Pottery Barn the other day!!! If this baby is a little lady I have no choice but to get it off Amazon! Ahhh memories! I just love thinking about my childhood. So much imagination and fun! This is why I look forward to being a parent so I can relive all the childhood things through our kiddos. An excuse to act like a kid again!


  1. Aw, you have such a cute blog! My sisters and I LOVED Amelia Bedelia Books too, haha! She was a crazy one :)

  2. My daughter enjoys Madeline as well. She just started reading the Amelia Bedelia series.