Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo & Nursery Ideas

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you celebrate this day - HAVE FUN!

So all I think about these days is anything and everything baby related...
I have started to imagine how I will do a nursery for our little son or daughter. I need to start saving my ideas on here for when we find out! I'm so anxious to get started planning the nursery. Well not that anxious considering our spare bedrooms are a MESS right now.
I figure I have a solid month before I will start on the nursery anyway so I have a whole month to get things organized.

I guess I will go a head and let you all know the top 2 names we like so that will make this easier! BoY: Grayson Van Ryan
GiRl: Kendall Grace Ryan
You like?????? I love them! :)

Here are my general feelings about the nursery for either gender.

  • I don't want a "theme" (matching decor, bedding rug etc of a disney character)
  • I want it to be a classy and timeless but still have all of the things boys and girls love
  • I want a regular dresser with a changing pad on top - it's more functional because they can use it when they are out of diapers plus we are limited in space to have both a dresser and a changing table
  • I will most likely go with a dark cherry finish or black espresso finish for the crib and dresser/changer ( I haven't ruled out white furniture if it's a girl!)
If our Baby is a Kendall:
I like very dainty and feminine color combos for a girls' nursery. I have envisioned painting the room a powder pink with a powder blue ceiling.
I love the idea of having a chandelier in the room. I would have a cute lamp to add additional lighting for late night feedings!
I'm still searching for the perfect girl bedding. I like white, pink, powder blue and light green for colors and I love the shabby chic bedding designs. Or this.
And of course every little girl's room needs a princess and castle wall mural!!!!

If our Baby is a Grayson:
I really like strong bold colors for a boy's nursery. I want to include all things little boy in this room - including baseball of course! I will probably paint the room a neutral beige color (like it already is!) and add an accent color wall.
I like this plaid bedding (or something similar). I think the colors are very masculine and could easily be matched with other blankets and stuffed animals. It also is plain enough to go with all the little boy things I want to include!!!!

I like these air plane decals because they are so cute and I could just imagine a little baby boy looking at them while playing in his crib. I might even pair them with a fun plan/truck/tractor type of mobile!!!
I love vintage baseball prints and I definitely will have one hanging somewhere in the nursery!
What do you think of my baby names and nursery ideas?????

Are my ideas too "grown up" for a baby?

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  1. Cute names and I love the baseball print!
    Just found your blog! Good luck with the pregnancy!