Monday, May 17, 2010

Farmers Tan & a Vacation!!

Good Morning! It came too quick, didn't it? I was enjoying my weekend and then it was Monday morning!
Our weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night Chris planted flowers at my parents so we stayed around for dinner. Saturday I gathered some things to participate in Becca's neighborhood yardsale. I made a grand total of $20 (sad face) and got a farmers tan because it never crossed my mind to put on sunscreen. After that I headed over to the ballpark to watch Chris's team play in the district championship. They lost (another sad face) so we headed home and then back out to eat. We were so tired Saturday night from all the sun and baseball I'm pretty sure we fell asleep while it was still light out. Sunday Chris had to work so I did my usual grocery trip and spent the day at my parents.
While I was at my parents I started looking up some vacation ideas. Chris and I really want to go on a vacation. Honestly, financially it's not the most logical thing to do but I'm sick of being so logical! Chris had a rough school semester and we always work and do the right things. This is our only time to go on a vacation while it's just "us". We will never be just a married couple ever again.
Here are some of the vacation ideas we have been thinking about...
1. Our cheap and financially safer option
Gatlinburg, TN
We'd only spend a few days there and we lodging is not very pricey. Being 4 hours away we would make the drive. There are some great outlet malls close by so this would be fun to shop for the baby!
2. The Beach
I have been looking at Carolina beaches since we went to the Gulf last year. The Florida panhandle is too far to drive for us and flights are pretty pricey in June.
I would really love to go to Charleston, SC. I went there in 2005 with my mom and sister. We had a blast. It's not far from the beach and there is so much to do!
This would be a splurge for sure! But we loved Vegas so much last year and it's so easy to get around once you're there! There is so much to do and see! It does involve alot of walking but I won't be that pregnant - we were just thinking this is not some place we're going to visit anytime soon with small kids!

I'm looking some other places too - where is your favorite vacation spot????

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  1. YES, you should totally do a pre-baby vacation! My husband and I got a cabin at a resort last summer and it was great! You need that alone time bc yes, things totally change when it's not just you two anymore :) happy planning!!