Friday, May 28, 2010

Giveaways, Friends and Memorial Weekend Plans

Happy Friday! Clearly I skiped cleaning on Wednesday and Thursday. My bad. I've been a busy girl - will continue next week!! So that means the rest of my home tour will have to wait a few days.
Let's recap what's been going on.... Wednesday I received both of my giveaway winnings!!!

Thank you so much Karen and Jenn for hosting these giveaways!

My review on the chocolate bars will come soon and I'll be sure to share what I end up purchasing at Target with my gift card - I can assure you it will be baby related. :)

Yesterday after work I received a visit from my great friend Jacqueline and her sweet, precious, handsome baby boy Ethan!!! He just loves the camera!!!

I have a busy weekend planned so you won't hear much from me! My family from Georgia is in town for the holiday weekend and my cousin Dalyn is getting married Saturday night. I'll be sure to take plently of pictures!!!!
Happy Memorial Day!!

P.S. I added a recent self taken baby bump photo in the "Our Baby Story" page!!! Check it!

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