Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!
Today is my Dad's birthday! He doesn't like to make a big deal of his birthday but I do! My dad is the best! He always made sure our family had the best of everything. He is a wonderful husband to my mom and he built her their dream home. He is the best father to my brother, sister and myself. And I just know he is going to be the World's Best Grandpa! He is also my boss and has worked very hard to establish our company that has become very successful!


He is also a turtle rescuer. Yes you read that right. He will stop and pull over on a major four lane highway to pick up a box turtle and take it home to my sister.

My sister started collecting turtles at our old house. It was a little pond then... now it's like a 20 x 20 turtle habitat at my parent's new house. Next time I'm over there I will get a picture and share it with you all. It's quite neat when they are all out. I fed them some fruit this weekend and it looked like all 35+ turtles were out enjoying the rainy weather....
Anyways my point is this morning at work the first turtle of the season was rescued.

Exhibit A:

The office pet for the day!

Did I mention this turtle rescuing fever has rubbed off on me? I stopped at some train tracks one day last summer to pick up a turtle and put it in my trunk! Of course I called my daddy to make sure it wouldn't eat me first!

Have you ever rescued a turtle? Or any other creature?

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