Friday, May 7, 2010

TV & Debt Talk

Happy Friday peeps!
Thursday was pretty uneventful. I went home from work, walked with Heather, washed the bed linens, folded laundry and caught up on DVR.
Speaking of TV - if you're not watching the following shows YOU NEED TO BE!
The Middle (ABC)
You have got to watch the Mother's Day episode! LOL
Modern Family
I have no clue how to get a youtube video posted on here. But this is one of my favorite clips from the show!

I don't know if I have mentioned this obsession before but I LOVE the show TRUE BLOOD.

It premieres June 13th and I might be just as excited about season 3 as I am finding out the sex of our baby. Okay not really!

This show is like a dark comedy with hot vampires.

I have read 4 out of the 8 books from the Sookie Stackhouse series. I never thought I'd like this kind of supernatural stuff but the storylines are so good between all the characters!

What are your favorite shows?

I also received this in the mail today FREE from a new mom program with my insurance. I chose a DVD because I thought Chris is more likely to watch a baby DVD versus read a baby book! Plus when I'm holding my little angel nursing or something or trying to calm the baby down at 3 am this might be something I can pop into the dvd player! Ha!

I'm taking Chris to go look at baby furniture this weekend. We will not purchase anything until we know what we're having but I think it's smart to kind of prepare financially for these kind of purchases!

Speaking of finances - I have this bill sheet I use every month. I keep record of all our debt balances (car loans, student loans, credit cards, furniture payments) monthly so I can see the progress we are making each month. According to my bill sheets since June 2009 we have paid off $11,582.59 in debt! Woohoo! Out of 7 credit accounts I have eliminated one student loan and two credit cards completly. On top of that the 4 remaining credit accounts (student loan, car loan, furniture, polaris) all have dramatically lower balances and will be paid off in 1 year because our balance on all of them is less than the debt we have paid off already! Woohoo!

I really would love to buy a more family friendly vehicle before the baby comes like these:

But now I'm thinking I should just wait until we have all these debts paid off. The thought of having 2 car payments right now makes me want to puke. I hate making car payments!
I mean it will stink taking a car seat in and out of my 2 door car that is PAID OFF! :) Seen here.
But it's only temporary, right?
Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!


  1. Awesome about the debt!! I have the same sheet with our's nice to see over time the balance drop. Don't worry about the car, we now have 1 car payment (just paid Michaels car off) and I only got the car I have always wanted back in November!! Baby Ryan will never know the difference. Have fun looking at baby furniture!!

  2. Love the cars! We had to get a bigger one when we had Avery!

    AWESOME about the debt girl!