Friday, May 21, 2010


Today over at Kelly's Show us Your Life it's about Hometowns!

My Hometown is Louisville, KY.

Technically I still live here but my address shows a different city! Being 7 miles from the city line I still claim my town to be Louisville because that's where my heart is!
When I was younger I wanted to move as far away as possible from Louisville, KY. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else!
Louisville is nestled on the Ohio River. There is a beautiful water front park where you can go to walk your dog or play frisbee. Our downtown is very clean and has alot of Louisville original restautants and art galleries. I could not mention my hometown without mentioning that we are the home of the Louisville Slugger Bat! I'm sure you've heard of those right? Well if you go on a tour of the factory you get a minature replica at the end of the tour. FYI- you can't take those on the flight back home - pack them in your check in luggage.

Another great and FAMOUS thing about Louisville is the Kentucky Derby! Louisville has a two week festival leading up to the fastest 2 minutes in sports! The festival begins on the river with "Thunder over Louisville" - the largest firework show in America and ends with the race!

And of course I love Louisville because of my favorite college sports team and Undergraduate Alma Mater the University of Louisville. :)
Hope you enjoyed seeing my hometown - come visit me soon and I will take you to my favorite BBQ restaurant - where we will drink sweet tea of course!


  1. What a fun post!! I love all your pictures!! Your blog is too cute! Happy Friday!

  2. What a beautiful night skyline. I bet you could sit and look at that forever. Happy weekend. Kathy

  3. My sister used to live in Louisville and I've been to the St. James Art Show many times! What a lovely city!

  4. My grandparents live in Louisville and we always enjoy going for a visit. In fact we will be there in a few weeks.

  5. i love louisville- my bff from pre-school on up moved there for college and still lives there (okay, her address isn't louisville, but very close). she just came up for a visit a couple days ago. we love to go down and visit! we usually go down in the fall for a rodeo :)