Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Recap & 16 Week Appointment

I had a wonderful weekend!!!! I also had a wonderful doctor's appointment this morning!
Friday - Chris cancelled practice so we went over to my parents. He helped my mom plant some flowers and we ate Mike Linning's fish. If you are not familiar with Louisville, KY it's like the best fried fish in the state. Yum!
Saturday - I ran some errands in the morning that included visiting my cousing Becca at her home and seeing her new hammock and then visiting Jacqueline at work and buying some new maternity tops!
Then Chris and I spent the day window shopping at some car dealerships and checking out some nursery furniture. We ate a big dinner out and rented a red box and had a lazy night. We were both asleep by 10 pm.
Sunday - I got up early to check grocery shopping off my to do list! Then I visited my beautiful Mom for Mother's Day! I brought her purple flowers because that's her favorite color. She got me a Mommy to Be card and a really sweet gift! My brother grilled steaks for us for a late lunch and I went shopping with Amanda for things to redecorate her room. I put together some shelves for her room and she found it so funny I was so handy. I may be a total blonde but I do work for a construction company and I know the difference between a phillips and a flathead screwdriver!
Later we visited Chris's mom and dad and brought her flowers too! We spent the evening watching an old True Blood episode and eating pizza rolls. Chris thinks we should eat pizza rolls everytime we watch True Blood and I could not agree more.

Last night I did not sleep well at all! In between my many potty breaks I just kept thinking about my Dr's appointment and the baby. My mind is consumed of baby these days!!!! I wonder why???
Our 16 week Doctor's Appointment went great. I just did the routine pee in a cup, blood pressure and step on the scale and then we waited for the doctor to come check the heartbeat. At first she couldn't find it and I was getting nervous but it turns out the baby is alot lower than i thought! The heartbeat is the most perfect sound. I can't believe there is this little baby growing inside of me with the most perfect heartbeat. I just cry thinking about it!!!! I love this little baby so much already!

The doctor asked us if she had guessed what the gender was last time and if we had any hunches about it. I said that I kind of thought it was a girl and that everyone else except my dad and becca think it's a boy! She guessed that it was a boy. I had always heard the heart rate was an old wive's tale. They claim that a woman's metabolic rate makes a girl baby's heart beat faster. Our heart rate was 145-150 and she thought there was some truth to it. Of course if this were the deciding factor there would be no reason for them to check on an ultrasound now, right??? I'm not holding my breath until I see some anatomy proof on June 7th when we have our BIG ultrasound.
But since the doctor said it I am now convinced it's a boy until proven other wise, lol!!! 28 days is too long to have to wait!!!!
Today is a HAPPY day! I love doctor appointments so much now!!

How far along? 16 weeks
Maternity clothes? Wearing only maternity pants and some tops
Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat today
Movement: Not yet!
Sex: I'm leaning more towards boy now
Food cravings: Pink lemonade and Rally's/Checker's french fries
Labor Signs: n/a
Belly button in or out? n/a
What I miss: Sleeping all night without 5 pee breaks
What I am looking forward to: Feeling this baby move
What I am NOT looking forward to: I'm looking forward to it all
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every day of the pregnancy and enjoy the couple time because it will change dramatically when the baby comes!!
Milestones: 16 weeks!

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