Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm a Winner!

I love Tuesdays! GLEE comes on Tuesday nights! Yay! I did not mention this one in my tv shows to watch post but you should seriously be watching it!!!
I won 2 Giveaways this week. I won the $20 Target giftcard giveaway from Karen at Home and the Attune Chocolate bar giveaway from Watch my Butt Shrink! Yay! This was like my first time signing up for giveaways and I won! I need to sign up more often.
Thank you Karen and Jenn for hosting the giveaways - I can't wait to receive my goodies! I have already decided the Target giftcard will go in the baby fund and the chocolate bars... well those will go in my tummy! ;)

Speaking of Target - I was browsing baby stuff again and I found 2 bedding sets I like.
It's funny because ever since our appointment yesterday when the Dr. guessed we were having a boy - I pretty much think I have a little Grayson in my belly. 27 more days until we know for sure!

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