Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Master Bathroom and Body Image

I was a mad woman yesterday. I left work in an energized state. So much so that I decided to clear out more things from the future nursery room into our catch all room. After about 30 mins of moving a bookshelf, sewing supplies and all my Mk business stuff I needed a break. So what does any tired prego do on a work break?
She eats a popsicle and watches a dvr episode of Kendra.
Off topic - look what I got in the mail yesterday. How cute is this sample packaging???
I then accomplished Day 2 of my new cleaning schedule - the master bathroom. After I cleaned I decided I should take pictures. I'm going to add a new page called " Our First Home" at the top of the blog so you can have a little home tour. I figured the best time to take pictures is after all the rooms are sparkly clean.
Here is my master bathroom. It's pretty small and plain and needs some color but it works until we figure out what we want to do with it!
View from the Bedroom
Vanity View
Cabinet View
We added this baby soon after we got married - it matches the cabinets perfectly and adds tons more space for all our things!

Our Bathroom Reads

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

And that sums up our master bathroom!
My cleaning face! Scary! I can't believe I posted this...
This is what Wilson does while I clean...

Okay now let's talk about something more serious... not five minutes after I took these photos I had the bright idea to get the scale out from the bottom of my closet. :( It wasn't terrible but I'm gaining. I know it's not all baby because I have been eating whatever I want.

So instead of crying and eating another popsicle. I walked for about 2 miles with Heather. I felt better afterwards and thought of a plan. I'm going to start bringing my lunch to work since this is where things get ugly because we always go out to eat at my fave places!

I think the biggest part about the weight is my self image and not being able to fix it. I would love to be able to start a diet or new workout regimen right now but I can't. I'm so happy to be pregnant and I know my body is growing for a purpose - I just worry about not being able to get thin again. I was not at my ideal weight when I got pregnant and I know it will take alot of work after the baby. One of my biggest inspirations come October is a girl at a little blog called Mama Laughlin. This awesome mom has lost 50 lbs since baby! She gives me hope!

So here is my plan of action:

1. Eat better and make better choices while pregnant - but still give into cravings :)

2. Walk or swim everyday

3. Make myself feel good by doing makeup, styling hair and wearing cute clothes!


  1. Oh girl, you're too sweet.
    Let me just say that when we start trying for baby #2 I know it's going to be tough for me mentally to put my weight issues aside and just let my body do what I know it's supposed to and grow for our child.
    With my last pregnancy I didn't care one bit and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
    With pregnancy #2 I will still run, eat better (with the occasional craving splurge), and take better care of myself. But weight gain is inevitable.
    Don't worry about it now, you CAN lose the weight after baby.... PROMISE!!!
    It's not easy, but it can be done!
    Right now you just worry about that sweet baby of yours!

  2. Okay I keep meaning to comment but for some reason my work computer never allows me to, booo!! Anyway, I'm home today with a sick child so I thought I'd finally comment on your blog : )

    Don't worry about weight right now. I think if you take a few walks a week, that is doing good for yourself & the baby. Out of two pregnancies I ate whatever I wanted and never exercised with either, 1st baby the weight came off within a month (I was also 24 yrs old), 2nd baby (and 28 yrs old) was definately harder, plus I could not breastfeed 2nd time around and I think that is a HUGE weight loss after baby factor.
    But either way...your body does change (and not for the better) after having kiddos but weight loss can be done before AND after baby with a little determination.

    You just concentrate on keeping that bundle of joy nice and warm inside : )
    Can't wait to read what you are having!