Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm on vacation planning overload. I have looked up way too many flights, hotels etc. etc. that now my brain is friend. I'm going to stop and when we are ready to book something I will book it. I love how I consider 23 days away from when our vacation starts "planning ahead". What can I say? We are last minute people. I'm sure we will have something booked before June 1st!

Did I mention there are only 19 days away from us finding out the gender of our child?

Along with planning our 2 year anniversary trip/babymoon I have been watching alot of season finales this week! If you do not watch the shows feel free to skip this post all together. However if you watch any of these please COMMENT!

One Tree Hill - I've kind of watched this season on and off but decided to watch the last 30 minutes of the finale and OMG! I can't share the details but let's just say 2 people get shot!

Gossip Girl - I'm not so sure how I feel about the whole Dan/Serena relationship again. I always figured they would go back to this since it was such a main theme in the first season but I liked Serena with Nate. Also - Lily & Fufus are married and shared a love child - that would just be weird if Serena & Dan get all cozy again considering they share a half brother - just saying!

Did you watch GLEE last night?
I love this show! It makes me so happy! I love the singing and all the cutesy storylines. I do have one complaint about it though - I feel like they have covered too much in the first season and I'm afraid about how the other seasons will play out. Eventually some of the students will graduate and then what?

I'm really excited to watch the Modern Family, The Middle, The Office & Grey's Anatomy season finales tonight and tomorrow!!!!

As much as I love my TV I'm looking forward to all the shows being over for the season. I need a tv break. I need to get some things done around the house. I'm excited about laying out by the pool and getting together with friends more. I'm excited about our trip in June no matter what we end up doing. I'm excited about setting up the nursery. This summer will be fun being pregnant and I can return to TV when I'm all uncomfortable again in the fall. :)

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