Thursday, May 20, 2010

To clean or not to clean

I am horrible at cleaning my house. I fear this will only get worse when the baby comes around. Now don't get me wrong my house is liveable and would not be condemned or anything. We keep it tidy enough that if we unexpected guests all we'd have to do is hide a few things!
I'm talking deep cleaning - like wiping the dust off the walls and baseboards lol.
I'm sure someone is totally grossed out that I have dust on some of my walls.
Since I have a little bit more energy at this point in my pregnancy I'm going to try and implement a cleaning routine. My current cleaning routine is not working for me. Sure the kitchen counters are clean and the bedroom & living room look 100% better after fluffing the pillows but I usually only "deep clean" when I'm in the mood. Lately, that is never. Honestly, even when I am in a cleaning mood I don't get alot of accomplished and here is why... I want to clean EVERYTHING. I try cleaning the whole house while I'm in this mood and none of the work is quality and I usually just quit and watch soapnet. :)
So here is what I'm going to try to do... a cleaning schedule. Some days I may not clean at all but I feel like I need to try and clean something in the house everyday. If I allow myself 30 minutes to focus on one room at a time I think my house will look alot cleaner and I will feel so much better.

My Cleaning Schedule

Monday - Master Bathroom

Tuesday - Master Bedroom

Wednesday - Kitchen

Thursday - Guest Bathroom

Friday - Spare Bedroom & Future Nursery

Saturday - Living Room

Sunday - Grocery & Laundry Day
Each day I will focus on the room I am cleaning for 30 minutes and I will clean the entire room ceiling to floor and wall to wall. My rooms are not huge so I am certain this can be accomplished in 30 minutes. Now I will still do my daily cleaning stuff like straightening up the couches in the living room, removing clutter that attracts itself to the kitchen table &counter and making the bed EVERYDAY.
I really feel like this will relax me when it comes to cleaning and maybe my cleaning skills will stick. I may even print some kind of list up so I can do everything I need to do for each room without forgetting. I also think having this kind of schedule is nice because if something comes up on a Tuesday night and I don't get around to cleaning our bedroom it's no big deal because I cleaned it the week before and I will clean it next week.
I know it will be tough being a working full time mom and caring for a baby and a husband and a dog. I hope this cleaning schedule will allow me to be more domestic and take more pride in my home before things get really, really BUSY!
What is your schedule for cleaning? How do you balance everything and keep a clean house?

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