Tuesday, June 8, 2010

20 weeks Pregnant expecting a... ???

I know you have been in anticipation all weekend, right???

You're just dying to know the gender of our baby Ryan....

Well our 11 oz. baby was moving and shaking all through the ultrasound yesterday - everything looked great! The baby was laying in an odd position so we have to do another anatomy ultrasound at our 24 week appointment to get a few measurements they weren't able to get.

No complaining here I will get to see our precious little GIRL again!
We are thrilled about having a little girl. Or mini Shelli as my husband calls her. We are 90% sure her name will be Kendall Grace Ryan.
I must also mention I started feeling her little flutters Friday afternoon. She gives me little flutters a few times a day now. I'm so in love with this little girl already!!!

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