Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6 Days!

Happy Short Work week! I love holiday weekends especially when it's been a beautiful, family filled laying by the pool kind of weekend!
I will post all our Memorial weekend festivities later this week - including pictures!

There are 6 days in my (& Chris's) way of finding out the sex of our baby! It's killing me not knowing... do you understand how I cannot be one of those people that waits until birth to find out? I have 2 creativity boards already made. 1 for a girl nursery and 1 for a boy

It's really neat that I'm 19 weeks pregnant. I feel like it's gone by so quickly. I can remember thinking it would be forever until we got to this point. I have yet to feel the baby flutters everyone talks about... I'm highly anticipating this experience. I am so excited to bond with my baby while it's cooking in my belly!!!

We have not decided anything about celebrating our 2 year anniversary in 14 days. A trip would be fun but we are on the fence about spending that kind of money right now. In all honesty the excitement about finding out the sex of our baby is more exciting for me than going on a trip. I'm anxious to get started on the nursery! But at the same time I really want to enjoy these last 5 months of being a couple too!

Kind of a smorgasboard (sp?) post today... I can't wait to post my pictures from this weekend!

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