Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amazon Queen, Alarm System and a Hump Day movie

I am thinking about starting an amazon business. Sunday I was clearing out some things in our "junk" third bedroom when I decided to list some books and dvd's on amazon. I did this all through out college with my text books and saved/made money rather than go throught UofL's bookstore.
Since Sunday I have sold 20 items and my amazon payments balance is $189.**. Pretty neat considering this was stuff collecting dust in my house only hours before it sold! Now I have been going through my house like a mad woman looking for other things to sell.
Here are my tips and reccommended websites to sell things online.

Amazon - Books/DVD's only - they already have the information for the item in their database all you have to do is type in the ISBN number and write a quick synopsis of the condition of the product.

Craigslist - Big items you want to sell locally. I sold my car through craiglist last week. This is a great place to post furniture or advertise garage sales too.

Ebay - Perfect for random things. I sold a $10 Kroger grocery coupon on here once. I've bought sewing material through ebay. This is your catch all place to sell random things.

Have you ever sold anything on Amazon? Craigslist? Ebay?
Do you know anyone who has an Amazon business?

Anywho... we had an alarm system put in our house yesterday. I feel so much safer sleeping alone 4 nights a week now. It will give me so much peace of mind when Kendall is here. My friend Kelly came over afterwards to pick up some product. I got to see her bling (she is recently engaged) and we talked about wedding planning. I showed her some of my wedding pictures. It made me kind of sad because I look so skinny in the pictures! Especially compared to now!! I thought I was fat then (so sad). It really makes me think about how hard I'm going to work on my diet/body when the baby comes.
Yes, 60% of my reasoning for wanting to be a hot mom is vanity but the other 40% is because I want to be a fun, energetic mommy!! I want to play with Kendall outside for hours and wear a cute bathing suit next summer when it's her first time swimming!
I really hope I am still motivated after she arrives. I'm sure the moment I see her beautiful face I will direct my entire being to be better for her!!!!

Tonight I have plans to go to dinner and see Eclipse with a good friend from my Valley View Church days! I'm sure the theater will be PACKED!
I just love going to the movies in the middle of the week. It makes me feel like I'm a high school kid again on summer break. :)

Have a GREAT day!!!

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