Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Shopping & Staycation

I have not blogged much this week since finding out we are having a GIRL and the reason being is... I'm addicted to buying things for Ms. Kendall Grace.

Bananafish Lily Bedding for her nursery
This cute dresser/changer combo! This cute 4-in-1 convertible crib! Clothes & things (picture would not stay straight!)

And Quaking Grass paint... which we love!
I basically have the whole nursery designed and planned out!!! It doesn't really have a theme - it's a bunch of greens, pinks and whites and all kinds of girly things!!!
I will wait until it's complete to reveal the final product!!!! Just to keep you in anticipation!!
I also cleaned up the car and posted it on craigslist today. We may set it out a few places this week and post it a few other places online. We have decided to try and sell it ourselves and then begin shopping for a cute SUV for me! Pray that is sells quickly!@!
Chris and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary on Monday! We declined taking a trip this year and decided we'd rather have a "staycation" at home and get some things accomplished around the house! Here are our plans:
1) Paint nursery, assemble furniture for nursery
2) clean carpets
3) Stain & seal the deck
4) Pressure wash the siding on the house
5) Sell my car!
I'm sure Chris will play golf and I will shop more for Kendall too!
I leave you with this... I made these last weekend for a cookout and I really want some more! The perfect brownie pan makes them even better!!!


  1. Congrats on the girl!! And Yum on the brownies. I know the feeling. We are working on our girl's room a little this weekend too. Happy Anniversary! What an exciting week for you.

    Did you change your blog? Didn't it used to have a different title?