Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Talk & Registering

Happy Friday! No big plans for this weekend. I'm hoping to do a little decoration shopping for Kendall's room and maybe get the crib assembled. Her crib skirt came in yesterday and so did her monogram decal that will go over her crib. Chris called and asked me if we had changed her name yesterday... they accidently sent a decal that read "Everly Grace". Pretty name but they are replacing it with Kendall Grace. Haha... it's not like I'm in a hurry we have a little over 3 months.

I'm getting so anxious to have her here now. When I'm driving my new car I just smile and think about her being in the back seat. I walk into her empty painted room and just smile because I know she will dream and play in here. I just can't wait to meet Ms. Kendall!

Chris and I have our 24 week appointment next Friday. I get to drink the dreaded glucose drink and do blood tests. Fun! But I'm pumped because we get to see our little sweetie again on ultrasound. Remember her not cooperating last time for all her measurements?? Well I'm happy to see how much she's grown and to see her move around.

I have been feeling her so much more lately. Last night I had Chris put his hand on my belly and he felt her for the first time too. She totally did a drop kick and he felt it. He immediately lit up and said "that's my baby!". I'm glad for him to start feeling what I have been enjoying the past 3 weeks!

After our appointment next week we may go ahead and register. I have thought about going and registering for anything and everything I see and like then weed it all out when I get home. I want to research the reviews on the travel systems and some other baby gear to make sure I'm registering for things that millions of moms have found dependent and safe.

Here is a stoller/car seat travel system I have been reading about lately. I know I'm having a girl and it's green but I want this to be gender neutral because a) it's a little pricey and b) if we have a boy next and the system is still in good shape I wouldn't want to put him in a pink stroller.

That's really all I have researched as far as baby gear goes... if anyone has any advice or products they reccommend - it is greatly appreciated!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

p.s. I changed the blog title to Beauties and the Baseball Coach because come October I won't be the only beauty in this family!

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