Monday, June 21, 2010

Here's what I've been up to...

I don't even know where to start... it's been too long.
I will start with our first weekend on vacation. Chris painted the baby's room and it's beautiful!My mom and sister were out of town and I was so bored! I never realized how much I need those ladies in my life. Chris worked that Saturday so I hung out with my brother for a little bit and then Sunday Chris joined my dad at the lake. Another boring day for me! That evening on Chris's way home he texted me and told me to pack my bags.
Originally we decided it would be financially better if we did not go on a trip for our anniversary/vacation. However we came to the conclusion that this would be one of our last opportunities to take a trip babyless. So on June 14th (our 2 year anniversary) we headed to the smoky mountains. We had a great time of eating, relaxing and shopping. I literally took like 4 pictures the whole time. Here is a picture Chris took on his phone when we were on the skylift in Gatlinburg.
We hit up the outlet malls and Chris got some new golf shoes, hat and glove. I checked out the 1 maternity store they had but didn't find anything I needed. We played some mini golf and walked around downtown Gatlinburg. The last day we were there we schedule couples massages that morning and Chris played golf at a nearby golf course afterwards. I drove him around in the golf cart. Fun times! By Wednesday night we had run out of things to do and we were so sick of stuffing food in our faces!
Friday we showed someone our car and they wanted to buy it! I don't think I mentioned on here that I had put my car on craigslist the week before vacation. I am still receiving emails about the listing! I'm anxiously waiting for a phone call today to see about transferring the title and getting $$$. I had spoken previously about holding off on buying a new car this year. After some thought we decided we would need a family car. Our plan is to take the earning on my car and pay off the small remaining balance on Chris's car. Whatever is left will go towards a downpayment on this:
This is the best scenario for us because at this time in our life we only want to pay one car payment. I'm very excited about buying a new car! I'm also anxious about not having a car!
Saturday was pretty lazy - we went and picked up Kendall's furniture from my parent's garage. The dresser looks so pretty against her green walls and I cannot wait to bust the crib out of the box!! I still have a long to do list of things we need to purchase and prep for the nursery but it's my fun litte project! :) Did I mention the bedding came in? :)
Saturday night we went out to eat with my friend Jacqueline & her husband and their friends Pam & Damon who happen to live in our neighborhood for Jacqueline's birthday. It was fun to go out with other couples - especially couples who have babies. Jacqueline's son Ethan is 8 months and Pam has a 7 week old son. They deserved a mom's night out for sure!!
Sunday Chris had to go back to work - on father day no less. :( I got him a sweet card, matching golf towel for his clubs and a bib that reads "I Love Daddy" - technically Chris is already a father so I wanted it to be a special day. I went to my parents for a cookout lunch and to spend time with my own daddy. My grandparents, aunt Lydia and aunt Laura also came over for lunch. Soon after the cookout I headed home to Chris who got off work early and we went to his parent's for another cookout. Then we had Chris's baseball team's banquet! I ate a total of 4 meals yesterday lol!!! Kendall was moving like crazy during all the baseball awards. She was just proud of her daddy. So many parents came up to Chris and thanked him for all he does for their son and the program. I feel so honored to have such a great role model as a husband. Seeing him interact with his players reminds me of how great a father Chris will be!
I hope you had a wonderful Father's day and I plan on updating more this week now that I'm back in town and on a regular (non vacation) schedule!!

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