Monday, June 28, 2010

Letters to Little Shelli

Today hasn't gone as planned... $180 vet bill and leaving work for 2 hours. Instead of bitching about that I'm jumping on the Letters to myself bandwagon in the blogging world.
Dear 12 year old Shelli,
This is the year you start your period and it will seem like your life is over at first. Your body will start getting weird and you will wear ugly clothes that you think are cute. No worries... in a few short years your body will be really cute and you will start dressing better.

Dear 15 year old Shelli,
High school isn't what you thought it was going to be. You like your church friends more than your school friends and that's okay. Let me just tell you from experience our best years are after high school. You haven't been kissed yet but you will this year. It will be weird and you will think you're in love and it will be fun but just know there are GREAT plans for you in the future.
You will continue to worry about your body this year and through your early 20s. Always thinking about dieting and exercising. Just know that future Shelli would kill for your body right now.

Dear 18 year old Shelli,
Going away to college! I'm so proud of you. You are going to meet some great people and enjoy living in the dorms. You will feel so grown up being away from mom & dad but you will grow so much closer to them this year. Please try and go to class more and learn Chemistry so you don't drop it. You will have to take another science class because you dropped Chemistry before you graduate. This will be a big year for you dating wise - you will LOVE the attention but nothing serious will evolve from any of these relationships. That's 2 years away!

Dear 20 year old Shelli,
You are feeling very lonely. You came back home to go to UofL after your freshmen year and it's very different. You went from being surrounded by friends to living at home feeling like you don't know anyone at UofL. You started a new job a few months ago and it's pretty neat. You work third shift and can't sleep like a normal person on the weekends. This makes you feel lonely too. Don't worry! You are about to get promoted and meet someone very special in your life.... your HUSBAND. In March you will pray that God will send him and in April on the 2-4 Ramp at UPS he arrives. Enjoy your first few months of dating girlfriend!!!

Dear 22 year old Shelli,
You are getting married to your best friend this year. You will both buy a house this year. Wedding planning has been going smoothly and you are starting to get stressed. Stop it! The wedding and reception go perfect with a few comical moments but the important part is that you and Chris get married in front of everyone you love.
Speaking of everyone you love... your mom and sister are now your best friends. You used to feel like you needed a huge social network of friends but mom and Amanda are your rock!

Dear 23 year old Shelli,
This year is going to be big with all sorts of highs and lows. Your family will find out Amanda has leukemia. She will be okay and your family will become even closer. You will graduate from college (finally) and you and Chris will celebrate 1 year of wedded bliss. Remember that everything is in God's hands and you must truly trust him this year.

Dear 24 year old Shelli,
Look how far we've come! You are pregnant with a little girl. You and Chris are so happy! Life is great and it's only going to get better. Stop worrying about your growing body everyday - you will be a MILF next year. Love you bunches!