Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Car & a little scare!

Tuesday was a busy day! It had a few highs and one scary low! Here is the breakdown of the day...

Apparently when you pay off a car and they send you a title lien statement you are supposed to just know to get it taken off the title. It causes a few problems when you sell your car in the future!
Bye Bye Scion - You have been a wonferful vehicle and have been with me through so many happy things in my life... meeting Chris, getting engaged, married, graduating college, buying a house and getting pregnant. I know you will be a great car for someone else!

I had a little pregnancy scare on Tuesday. Everything is 100% fine so there is no point in going into detail. It was scary and I hope nothing like that ever happens again - especially when I'm all alone at a car dealership! I may share this story to you all one day but just know Kendall and I are fine and I am so thankful to God for that and that's all that matters!!!

Hello New Car! Please excuse the ugly cry face in the picture! I love this car! It's a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox. It has XM radio, remote start, blue tooth, rear backup camera and a sunroof. Most of all I will be one hot momma in this and Kendall will be safe and protected as a passenger!!! I can't wait until I get to put her in the car and take her home with Chris!!! What a glorious day that will be!!!

Now that I have the car situation settled I think it be best I chill out for the rest of the pregnancy. Sure I still have to finish the nursery and my house is a mess. We need to register and there will be other things to do but I just need to take it easy. No more stress or worry for this body and baby!

We are closing on the car loan today so wish us luck! We got a phenomenal interest rate and I'm happy to report that Chris and I have GREAT credit scores! That makes me so happy!!!

Have a Blessed Wednesday and I will post more car pics soon!!!

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