Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pediatrician & Prayer Request

Yesterday I had a meet & greet with a pediatrician my friend Jacqueline referred me to. And I LOVED her!!!

Dr. D is an Internal Medicine/Pediatrician MD and her office is very convenient from my home. She is a registered Lactation consultant and is a huge breastfeeding advocate. She is behind alot of new things the hospital I will be delivering at - like skin to skin after birth etc... She gives her cell # out to her breastfeeding patients so they can call her at anytime with concerns.
I felt like she was so personable and exactly what I want for my child and myself. I'm so excited to be able to see her for the baby and for me! I'm going to set up a well check up for myself sometime in July or August to establish care and then she told me to make sure I call her the month before the baby is born to go over some guidelines I want to enforce at the hospital concerning breastfeeding. She has a 6 & 4 year old herself so I felt like she will be very understanding. Did I mention she went to medical school at my alma mater the University of Louisville? That's a sign right there!!! I'm so glad I found a great Doc!!!

Please keep my friend Jacqueline and her sweet baby Ethan in your prayers. He is 7 months old and has to go see a specialist about a cyst they found on his chest. Hopefully it's nothing out of the ordinary but I just pray for peace for Jacqueline & Jason until they find some answers!


  1. That's fantastic! It's always a major plus to like Dr's involved with your care and when it extends to your baby, that's even better! What a great find!!!

  2. Glad you found a pediatrician! I just looked at your baby bump pictures - you look soooo cute!!!